The Place Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely To Meet Their Soulmate (His & Hers)

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When it comes to love, many people are looking for it in all the wrong places. It’s nearly impossible to meet someone the old-fashioned way these days. There’s a lot to be said for chemistry, and while online dating may be convenient, it can be missing animal magnetism. There is just something magical about the attraction that pulls us towards another person that is undeniable.

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If you really want to find your soulmate, it’s smart to keep your eyes open and be willing to discover each other. Astrology can guide you and put you in just the right place at the right time for a soul connection. You know that awesome moment when your eyes meet from across the room and you get butterflies in your tummy. *Sigh*

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If you’re a romantic who craves human interaction, then why not search for your partner in a crowded room? Each sign of the zodiac is drawn to different types of places, and if you pay attention, your next lover could be closer than you think.

If you thrive on adventure, then your soulmate may be waiting for you on an exotic island. Are you a little bit shy? Then you might prefer to meet someone at work. Do you have a taste for the finer things in love? You could stroll into an art gallery and find your perfect match. Please enjoy this list of places you’ll most likely meet your soulmate based on astrology.

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24 Aries Woman: At The Beach Because You’re Energetic


Aries women have a ton of energy and love to be adventurous, so it only seems natural that your soulmate could be found at the beach. You’re very competitive and could very easily paddle up to your next boyfriend while you’re trying your hand at surfing. Chances are, you’d ride out the wave longer than him. So, put on that bikini and go play in the surf.

It takes an active man to keep up with you, and he has to match your passion for life.

If he doesn’t have life goals, then he won’t be up for the challenge of being in a relationship with you. If you find yourself feeling bored, you’re not afraid to call things off. Your soulmate has to be up for anything and ready to explore the ocean and the sea with you.

23 Aries Man: At A Sports Bar, Since You’re Competitive


The Aries man has a competitive spirit as well so the best place for him to find his soulmate would be in a sport’s bar. You would probably be attracted the woman cheering for the other team since you love a good challenge and a healthy rivalry would be fun for you. When it comes to love, you prefer to take things slow and you have to be in total control.

Your big personality and amazing confidence make it hard for a woman to shine, so you need a lady that will let you be in charge. Yet, once you meet someone who can keep up with you, it’s not a far stretch to say that you can become attached. It takes a special lady to tame the ram!

22 Taurus Woman: At The Park Because You Love The Outdoors


A girl like you loves nature and is happiest when you’re outdoors. So, your soulmate can probably be found at a park. The Taurus woman is a total earth mother and thrives on harmony yet, underneath your calm exterior, a sensual woman is just waiting to be coaxed out.

You’re attracted to men who can get past your stubborn streak and treat you like the sweetie you really are.

You take your time at the beginning of a relationship, but once a person has proven themselves worthy, all of your walls come crashing down. Both nurturing and independent all at once, you’re a well-balanced girlfriend who enjoys simple pleasures. Nothing would please you more than to cuddle on a blanket under the stars with your partner.

21 Taurus Man: On A Mountain Top, Since You Crave Nature

No one loves nature more than the Taurus man. You have a total appreciation for the beauty to be found in the world and crave a partner that feels the same. So, it only makes sense that you would stumble upon your soulmate while hiking to the top of a mountain. Nothing would please you more than take in a breathtaking view with your lover.

You hold yourself to a high standard and are known for your practicality. Life goals are important to you and can sometimes take priority over your relationship, therefore, you need a woman who is secure in herself. Once you commit yourself to someone, it’s forever. You offer stability to your significant other and are successful, so you can take her on amazing trips.

20 Gemini Woman: At An Amusement Park Because You’re Playful

The Gemini woman has a free spirit and loves to have fun. Your playful nature would make an amusement park the perfect place for you to meet your soulmate. He has to make you laugh if he’s going to even stand a chance because you love a man with a good sense of humor. Although, you also can enjoy a deep conversation.

There is a duality about you that most gentlemen find alluring.

You crave romance and prefer to have a complex relationship with a man that can balance out your intensity. A girl like you holds back at first but falls hard once you decide someone is worthy of your affections. A relationship with you is full of adventure, so you need someone who is ready to go out into the world and play.

19 Gemini Man: At A Cafe, Since You’re So Social

You are a total flirt and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone, so you might find your soulmate at a cafe. The point is, your social nature means that you can turn any place into a romantic endeavor. The Gemini man can be confusing to some. One moment you demand attention and the next, you crave freedom. The perfect woman for you can go with the flow and allow you to be complex without feeling jilted.

Your emotional ups and downs can make being close to you a challenge, but if a lover is willing to navigate your complicated moments, she’ll feel totally safe and secure with you. Even though you come across as independent, you really do enjoy companionship.

18 Cancer Woman: Through Mutual Friends Because You Like To Play It Safe

There is no one more nurturing than the Cancer woman. Yet, you can be a bit reserved, so it only seems logical that you might find your soulmate through a mutual friend. You have to feel safe and secure before you’re willing to give your heart away. You’d prefer to casually go out with a group of friends and let chemistry take over.

Not only that, but you crave a man that will seek you out in a group.

A girl like you has amazing intuition so you size people up very easily. You love romantic gestures and need a man that can handle your sensitivity. Emotions can run high with you, so it takes a special guy to handle your big feelings. You demand that a partner is both a lover and a friend.

17 Cancer Man: In Class Because You Like To Feel Comfortable

The Cancer man prefers to play things on the safe side and has to feel comfortable before starting a relationship. You might just find the perfect girl for you in a class or at school. It takes a little bit of time for you to warm up to someone so why not find love with someone you see on a regular basis. You’re an emotional creature and crave a deeper connection with your partner.

A guy like you can be intense, so you need a lover that likes affection and doesn’t mind giving constant reassurance. You’re a passionate and tender partner who can have a meaningful relationship. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to a Cancer man. As long as you feel secure and listened to, true love can easily be within your grasp.

16 Leo Woman: At A Pool Party, Since You’re Super Confident

Leo women exude confidence, so you could totally meet your soulmate a pool party. What better way to show off your amazing curves? You love it when a man compliments you, so drape yourself on the edge of the swimming pool and watch him swim your way. When it comes to romance, you jump in feet first and don’t hold back.

You do best with a partner that opens up easily.

You’re attracted to men that are strong and stand out, so you will easily zone in on the hottest guy at the party. It should be easy for the two of you to connect in a crowd. A girl like you can charm just about anybody, but you prefer to be with someone who totally charms you.

15 Leo Man: At A Music Festival Because You Like Standing Out In A Crowd

A Leo man exudes confidence and loves being the center of attention. Why not look for your soulmate at a music festival? You’re a bit of a show-off, so you’ll probably enjoy attracting women in the crowd. It takes a secure lady to stand in your shadow, so a girl with a free spirit is what you really need. You come across as totally independent but you really want a partner to enjoy life with.

Once you know that you’ve snagged someone’s affections, you’re totally committed and in it to win it. Yet, if your ego isn’t being stroked, you lose interest pretty quickly. The ultimate mate for you would match your confidence and warmth. Once you fall in love, you quickly transform into a cuddly lion.

14 Virgo Woman: At The Bookstore, Since You’re Complex

When it comes to matters of the heart, the Virgo woman is looking for the best. You’re smart and curious, so the best place for you to find your soulmate would be at a bookstore. Be on the lookout for a cute guy in the magazine area and strike up a conversation.

You’re a perfectionist, so you need a man that can step up and be an ideal boyfriend.

A girl like you prefers to take things slow, so you can think things through before you commit to a partner. You’re independent but love companionship. It takes a special guy to appreciate your thoughtfulness, and he better return the favor or you’re over it. You have an appreciation for the finer things in life and should find a lover that has the same tastes as you.

13 Virgo Man: At An Art Opening, Since You’re Sophisticated

The Virgo man has a sense of refinement, so an art opening would be a great place for you to find your soulmate. You like a woman who is polished and well put together, so a classier affair would probably suit your tastes. A long conversation about art would totally draw you in. Privacy is important to you, so you crave a woman that has discretion. A relationship with a guy like you can be challenging.

Yet, you are a totally reliable boyfriend that thrives on a deeper connection. It may take a lot of work to be close to you because you do have a neurotic side. You might not be the most romantic guy out there, but your dedication to your partner makes it all worth it.

12 Libra Woman: At A Winery Because You Have Refined Taste

If you’re a Libra woman, then you have sophisticated taste. The perfect place for you to meet your soulmate would be at a winery. The two of you could split a bottle of red and talk about your passions. People are totally drawn to your charm, so it wouldn’t take too long before you were clinking your glasses in a toast at your wedding.

For you, it’s all about balance.

This makes you both a girl who demands freedom but totally loves a partner with all your heart. A relationship with you is calm and stable because you’re such a harmonious person. Yet, you expect your lover to be willing to talk about their feelings and be engaged in your life. You know exactly what you want and won’t take anything less than the best.

11 Libra Man: At A Jazz Club, Since You’re Cultured

You have a cultured personality and don’t shy away from romance, so a jazz club would the best place for you to find your soulmate. Why not sweep a girl off her feet and then dip her gently on the dance floor? You thrive on being in a relationship and hold nothing back when it comes to matters of the heart.

Emotional connections are very important to you, so be on the lookout for a woman that is willing to be open and honest with you. Being alone isn’t your strong suit, and you feel more secure in yourself when you have a significant other. She better give you the attention that you want, or you might just wander off and find another dance partner.

10 Scorpio Woman: At A Tattoo Shop Because You Crave Excitement

Scorpio women crave excitement but demand a deep commitment. What better place to find the perfect soulmate than at a tattoo shop? You need a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Nothing gets you going like an adventurous partner, so a romantic matching tattoo would be perfect for you.

You love with complete dedication and become fiercely attached to your partner.

It takes an emotionally strong man to be able to handle your intensity, and you don’t waste your time on casual flings. When it comes to matters of the heart, you give your partner total devotion and loyalty. All the jerks of the world need not apply. The scorpion has a nasty sting once they get mad.

9 Scorpio Man: At A Gourmet Restaurant, Since You Love Luxury


You live a luxurious lifestyle and have amazing taste, so it’s only natural that you would meet your soulmate at a fine dining restaurant. You’re attracted to women with a refined edge, so only the best will do for you. The Scorpio man is hard to ignore and his magnetism is intoxicating. The ladies love how much you appreciate romance.

Your intensity can be a lot to handle but you ooze confidence and lure lovers to enter your complex world. Once your feelings are reciprocated, there isn’t a more devoted man than you. A guy like you can be broody, so you need a partner that can handle your moods. She’ll totally be wined and dined, so you’re worth the effort it takes to be in a relationship with you.

8 Sagittarius Woman: On A Camping Trip Because You’re A Free Spirit

You are totally active and love to have an adventure, so it makes perfect sense that you would find your soulmate while on a camping trip. The Sagittarius woman wants a partner in crime that has a free spirit like hers. There is nothing more romantic to you than sitting by a warm campfire with your lover. You crave a real connection and can easily get lost in a long conversation.

Life has to be exciting for you, so a boring guy just won’t do.

You love your freedom and need your independence, so it takes a special man to respect your need for space. If you decide to commit yourself to a relationship, then you go into the union with complete dedication and loyalty.

7 Sagittarius Man: On Vacation, Since You Like Adventure

The Sagittarius man is an eternal traveler who seeks beauty in all things, so the perfect place to meet your dream girl would be while you were on vacation. Life is one big adventure for you, and your soulmate has to have the same lust for life. Nothing pleases you more than to have a deep conversation on the beach or to explore an exotic island with your lover.

You crave freedom so you need a lady that is pretty independent if things are going to work. If she can give you the space that you require, then you are an awesome boyfriend who is totally dedicated and in it for the long haul. Life with you is never boring and if a person is willing to go on a journey with you, they will always have a good time.

6 Capricorn Woman: At Work Because You’re Ambitious

Capricorn women have distinguished tastes and prefer to take their time when it comes to love. Chances are that you would meet your soulmate at work. You like to really trust someone before you give them your heart and are in no rush to fall in love. What better place to get to know a person than at your job?

The daily contact might just make you feel safe enough to make a move.

Not to mention that you have an amazing work ethic and expect your partner to do the same. You’re not aiming to have to look after someone and want a significant other who can handle your independence. A girl like you can come across as shy, but once you feel comfortable, there is a wild side to you.

5 Capricorn Man: Reconnect With An Old Friend, Since You’re Reserved

The Capricorn man tends to hold back a little bit, so you’ll more than likely get to know your soulmate before you make a move. Chances are, a romance will bloom out of a dear friendship. A guy like you may seem like he doesn’t need anybody, but you secretly yearn for companionship. When it comes to romance, you’re willing to put in the time it takes to form a true connection.

You have an amazing work ethic, so relationships can take a back seat to work. Yet, if you found the right girl, you’re happy to fit her into your future plans. It takes someone who is pretty flexible to mold to your unwavering opinions. You may seem gruff, but you’re a great protector, and a lover will always feel safe in your arms.

4 Aquarius Woman: Cooking Class Because You’re A Foodie

The way to an Aquarius woman’s heart is to feed her yummy food. You love to socialize and the best place for you to find your soulmate would be in a cooking class. So, fire up the grill and find romance over a sizzling meal. You’re easy to relate to and are always up to try something new.

You want a partner who lets you be you.

It takes a special guy to handle your staunch independence, but once they prove that they won’t try and hold you back, you totally let them in. You’re hard to pin down and are strong-willed to a fault. Yet, once you find someone who will take a bite out of life with you, it’s a total love match.

3 Aquarius Man: While Volunteering, Since You Have A Big Heart

You love to work for charitable causes, so your soulmate is waiting to be found while you’re doing volunteer work. The Aquarius man wants a partner with a big heart, so you crave a woman that will make the world a better place with you. She has to share your passion for helping others. You’re super energetic, so your significant other has to be able to keep up.

Freedom is crucial for you to be content, and the last thing you want is a girlfriend that might smother you. Only an independent lady who likes to spend time on her own as well will do for you. Yet, if she can handle your edge, a relationship with you can be true and quite meaningful.

2 Pisces Woman: At The Movies Because You Like To Escape


You have a creative side that makes you long for a sweet escape, so you could totally find your soulmate at the movies. It’s dark and romantic in the theater, the perfect place to snuggle up to your partner.

You’re expressive and have a passion for art, so an old-fashioned drive-in would suit you just fine.

You love romance and are always looking for the meaning of things, so you need a man that is willing to connect with you on a deeper level. When it comes to romance, you long for a sensitive man that is thoughtful. Yet, you always want to be protected. You’re a compassionate person who gives herself fully to love once a guy has proved he is totally worthy of your affections.

1 Pisces Man: Online Dating, Since You’re Shy

The Pisces man is a bit shy and likes to take his time when it comes to love, so you might find your soulmate on a dating App. You tend to be vulnerable and aren’t the best at confrontation, which means that you’d prefer to communicate via text before meeting face to face. Even though you can be reserved, once you give your heart away, you’re a hopeless romantic.

A guy like you puts the happiness of others before your own, so you’re quite a selfless boyfriend. Your idealistic nature may come across as needy, but the right woman will know how to handle your intensity. The perfect mate will balance out your emotions and take the time to reassure you that everything is going to be okay.