The One Thing You'll Fall For And Go Crawling Back To Your Ex Based On Astrology

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When a relationship ends, it’s almost always for the best. Yes, break ups are hard—we’re not denying that. But the truth is that letting go of someone who isn’t right for you is one of the most freeing things that you can do. Sometimes you don’t realize how unhappy you were in a relationship until it finally ends. Then suddenly you’re sitting there wondering why you put up with so much negativity for so long.

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After a break up, you might be ready to say goodbye forever and feel confident that you made the right choice. Or you might be moping around, missing your ex and wondering if there was anything you could have done to change the way things ended up. And every once in a while, your ex will hit you up again and say something so convincing that you’re ready to run back into his arms. You may be totally aware that you’re making a mistake, but maybe you just can’t help it.

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If you’re going through a break up right now, you might be daydreaming about getting back together with your ex. How could he get you back? Well, it all depends on your sign!

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16 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

You might think that any fire sign would be way too proud to go crawling back to an ex right after a break up. But you would be wrong! Love is blind, and it may surprise you, but even Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius would get back together with an ex under the right circumstances. However, getting one of these signs to come back is no easy task—there are only a few guys out there who are up to the job! So, how would a guy even begin to go about getting a fire sign back? He’s going to have to put in some serious work, but there are a few tried and true strategies. If a guy wants a fire sign to come back, here’s what he has to do.

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15 Aries: He’ll “Accidentally Bump Into You” Everywhere

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When it comes to break ups, letting go of an Aries girl is no easy task. They are so much fun to be with that if a guy dumps an Aries girl, he’ll probably be regretting it in about five seconds, shaking his head and wondering how he could have given her up. A few moments later, he’ll be coming up with a plan to get her back. When it comes to Aries girls, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” totally applies. Therefore, a guy who wants to get back together with an Aries girl will strategically bump into her everywhere, acting like it’s a total accident! He will try to keep himself on her mind, and with those constant reminders of what used to be, she’ll come crawling back.

14 Leo: He Will Impress You In Every Way You Can

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Any guy who can get with a Leo woman in the first place must be pretty impressive compared to most of the guys out there—there’s just no denying that Leo women have super high standards that most men simply can’t hope to reach. So if things are over between a Leo woman and her former boyfriend, what’s a guy to do? How on earth is he supposed to get a girl like that to come back? Well, it’s not going to be easy, because he’ll have to impress her in every way possible and at least make it LOOK like he’s changed. This means hitting the gym, going out more often, possibly even getting a promotion at work to show her that he’s truly committed to self-improvement. Of course, it could all be an act—but she might still come back!

13 Sagittarius: He Will Invite You On An Adventure

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Sagittarius women are truly adventurous. They hate staying in the same place for too long, and they always feel restless if they get stuck in their hometown for a while. So, if a guy has a falling out with his Sagittarius girlfriend, he’ll need to plan some sort of trip and invite her along. Why does this work so well? Sagittarius girls love to travel—it’s one of their greatest passions in life. Therefore, they can’t imagine anything more romantic than traveling with a guy they love. So if their ex hits them up post break up and mentions that he’s thinking of leaving for a quick road trip next weekend and looking for someone to join him, she’ll be quick to jump right back into the passenger seat.

12 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Were you surprised that a fire sign would ever run back to her ex? You may be even more shocked to hear that an earth sign could end up doing the same thing under the right circumstances. Yup, that’s right, these grounded, confident, secure women could still end up crawling back to an ex-girlfriend. We all have the potential to do this if a guy plays his cards right, no matter what your sign is! Anyway, what could get a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn woman to go back to her ex? Well, the guy had better be just as stubborn and persistent as an earth sign. And if he’s an earth sign too, it’s going to be much easier, because he’ll already understand exactly how her mind works.

11 Taurus: You’ll Give In To His Stubbornness

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Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac (yes, even compared to Aries), so you might think that it would impossible for a Taurus woman’s ex to get her back if she’s already got her mind made up. But what if she’s truly met her match in a guy? What if the guy she was dating was actually just as stubborn as she is? Well, in that case, she might be in for a surprise. A Taurus woman might assume that her ex will give up on trying to get her back, but this is simply not the case. If he knows her well enough, he knows just how persistent he has to be to persuade her to give him another chance, so he will not let up on his efforts.

10 Virgo: He Has His Life Together

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A Virgo girl is not going to settle for a guy who doesn’t have his life together. Nope, never gonna happen. In fact, a Virgo woman will dump a guy if she realizes that he’s lazy, disorganized, or whiney. So, what does a guy like that have to do in order to win her over again after a break up? Well, he’s going to have to make an honest effort to change. No, not like those guys who just change their image to get their Leo girlfriends back—a guy who wants to prove to a Virgo woman that she should take him back has to actually make an effort to improve himself. It’s not easy, but for a Virgo woman, it’s definitely worth it.

9 Capricorn: His Sense Of Ambition Excites You

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Capricorn girls are into ambitious guys. They’re super ambitious themselves, so they need a guy who can keep up with them. They don’t want someone who holds back in any way—they want to be with a guy who is always striving to reach his full potential. So if they decide to break with a guy, it’s usually because he was not working hard enough in many different areas of his life. In order to win her back, these guys have to put in some serious effort! A Capricorn woman needs to see a man’s sense of ambition in order to fall in love with him. If he wants her to come back, he’s going to have to show her how hard he’s willing to work to win her over again.

8 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

It can actually be surprisingly easy to get an air sign to crawl back to her ex. Why is that? Air signs are confident and strong, right? Well, yes, but they are generally not super invested in relationships. For example, they are often more attracted to the idea of playing the field and dating different guys on and off than settling into a long-term relationship with someone. Therefore, if they go through a break up but the guy shows interest in getting back together with them, they will be more open to the idea. They see dating like entertainment—it’s fun and exciting, but they are not super invested. They’re more willing to give a guy a second chance because they don’t take it too seriously.

7 Gemini: He’ll Hit You Up At 3 A.M.

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Gemini girls are the type to stay up late, party, and meet new guys every weekend. Living this lifestyle just makes them happy, and can you blame them? Who doesn’t like to go out and play the field when they’re young? Hey, you only live once, might as well make the most of it! So when a Gemini girl breaks up with a guy, he’s in luck, because he knows just how he can get her to crawl back. All he really has to do is text her at 3 a.m., when he knows she’ll be up waiting for a text from someone else! But if he hits her up at just the right moment when she’s up late and feeling lonely, he knows she’ll come running right back.

6 Libra: He Will Reach Out When He Knows You’re Lonely

Hmmm, doesn’t this similar to a guy’s method for getting a Gemini girl back? Yup, if you thought so, you’re right. This is because Gemini girls and Libra girls are really not so different deep down. Of course, Libra girls are much more organized and stable, but women born under both of these signs truly hate to be alone. And most of the time, the men who date Libra women figure this out pretty early on in the relationship. After a break up, he knows that she’ll be missing him after just a couple of days, and a well-timed text message could determine whether or not they’ll get back together again. You can bet that he’s going to go for it and try to get her back.

5 Aquarius: He Will Remember All The Little Things You Liked

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Aquarius women are very particular about what they like and don’t like. Even when it comes to little things, they know exactly what they’re all about, and they think that if everyone else was as secure in their likes and dislikes, the world would be a much better place! Well, honestly, we can’t say that they’re wrong. Any man who dates an Aquarius woman for even a couple months quickly figures out all of the little things that she enjoys, and the pet peeves that she can’t stand. Post break up, he will use all of this knowledge to his advantage. He’ll see a poster referencing an obscure movie she likes and send her pic captioned “Thinking of you!” or something along those lines, and next thing you know, she’s back in his arms!

4 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water signs are probably the most romantic group of signs in the zodiac. Fire signs always need a man who really impresses them, earth signs are super hard to please and don’t fall for guys easily, and air signs would rather have a friend with benefits than a serious boyfriend. So if you’re looking for a super romantic relationship, you had better go for a water sign! After a break, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio women will typically spend weeks or even months wallowing. They always form such deep connections with the men that they date, which makes break ups harder for them than any other sign. But these guys are in luck—they are always looking for signs that their ex might want them back!

3 Cancer: He Will Send You Sweet Gifts

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Cancer girls are so sentimental. They can be easy to win over if you know what you’re doing. They also love giving and receiving gifts, so if you want to get a Cancer girl to come crawling back after a break up, well, you know exactly what to do! After a Cancer girl goes through a break up, it’s only natural that their ex will want them back—this sign is so sweet and caring that it’s hard to move on after dating one of these girls. It’s just impossible to forget how kind and compassionate Cancer women are compared to the other signs. Their exes will always strive to get them back. If they choose the perfect gift, it just might work—Cancer women adore thoughtful gifts.

2 Scorpio: You Will Miss The Emotional Rollercoaster

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Scorpio women tend to get into tumultuous relationships. There will probably be lots of fighting and yelling, but deep down, they do love their boyfriends. They just struggle to express all of their strong emotions in a healthy manner. Therefore, their relationships can be real rollercoaster rides! So, how on earth does a guy manage to get a Scorpio woman to come crawling back? He will often say that he’s the only one who could handle her, that all of their fights were actually passionate, and he’ll remind her that she would never want a boring relationship with someone else, right? It’s pretty messed up, but Scorpio women will fall for lines like this and go crawling back to a guy they miss fighting with.

1 Pisces: He Will Invite You On Your Dream Date

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Pisces women are hopeless romantics at heart. In fact, they might be the most romantic women in the entire zodiac! As you can imagine, getting a Pisces woman to come back to an ex is actually not such a difficult task. After a break up, Pisces girls will often mope around daydreaming about getting a text from their ex, hoping that he feels the same way and wants to get back together. It’s so tough for them to get over someone, and that’s why they do everything possible to avoid a break up. But if the worst should happen and a break up occurs, all a guy has to do to get a Pisces woman back is invite her on her dream date. He better get all details right!