The Most Brutally Honest Description of Your Zodiac Sign, Try Not to Get Offended

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The predictions that experts make regarding zodiac signs cannot be ignored, regardless of your opinion on the topic.  If you believe that the planets position themselves based on the time the Universe chose to birth you, then you also believe that there are certain things that your zodiac signs tell about you which are less favorable. But, here is the slap of honesty you need!  Although there are many positive sides to your zodiac sign, there are certain less than aspects of it too.

This article gives the most offensive, yet most honest description on your zodiac sign.  Prepare to get burned!

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1. Gemini

You are always perplexed! As if this wasn’t enough, you are confusing those around you too! Keep your self-control!

2. Taurus

You are extremely stubborn! Get a grip already! You need to understand that others avoid discussions with you as they know it is pointless, not because you are always RIGHT!

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3. Virgo

You are a perfectionist who tends to obsess over perfection and criticize literally everything and everyone. You need to comprehend that this is soooo frustrating to watch!

4. Aquarius

Sorry but…. you are stupid! Don’t you understand that everything has a limit? How can you be so dumb for god`s sake?

5. Aries

Organization, planning, organizational skills… have you ever heard of this? It even feels frustrating to see how disorganized and messy you are. Get a grip already and spare others!

6. Leo

Your attitude is horrible! You are a real punishment to mankind, although you consider yourself God`s gift to mankind!

7. Capricorn

You have ongoing mood-swings and this is indeed frustrating! Why act like Moody is your middle name? Get yourself together and do something funny already!

8. Sagittarius

You are extremely, but EXTREMELY self-confident! What makes you think that you are always right?  While self-confident individuals are admired by others, you are overdoing it! Stop acting so terribly, you over-confident idiot!

9. Cancer

Contrary to Sagittarius, you lack self-confidence.  You are extremely insecure and tend to see problems that don’t exist in the first place!

10. Pisces

It seems like you don’t even have a personality …Well, get one right away! But please do it silently, no one wants to hear your crying!

11. Scorpio

You are so egoistic that you look like a real egoistical maniac! Taking offence is your only talent, although it is not even considered as such!

12. Libra

Have you ever heard of independence for God`s sake? You are so dependent that you are always a liability and cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage. After all, it`s no wonder that your friends leave you…

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