Scorpio: Five Traps To Avoid When Talking To Your Man

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Scorpio women simply have one of the worst reputations in the horoscope.

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This should not be a surprise because if you stab a Scorpio woman in the back emotionally, chances are you will have hell to pay.
This is the type of person that will move heaven and hell just to take revenge on you. The worst of all, it is not a one to one revenge.
Scorpio women lose all sight of logic and proportion when it comes to paying back. They will repay you a million times to one.

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That is how bad payback can be if you hurt a Scorpio person emotionally.
You have to understand that what drives all this intensity is the fact that Scorpio people are emotionally intense. They navigate the world in emotional terms.

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It is their currency. It is how they make sense of the world. It is how emotions are and how they define themselves.

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If you send the wrong signals and you hurt this person on a purely vulnerable level, it is not uncommon for this person to really put in a lot of mental and physical energy in getting back to you.
This is how Scorpio people are wired. However, if you are a Scorpio woman and you are looking to develop a more harmonious relationship with your man instead of an abusive relationship, you do not want to trigger this process.
Unfortunately, it is very easy to trigger this process and send the wrong emotional signals to each other until you are at each other’s throat.
It is very easy to get confused and distracted and end up in a slippery slope that leads to all sorts of emotional recriminations.

Here are five traps to avoid when talking to your man. The key here is key communication.
Unfortunately, communications can be a minefield for emotionally sensitive and immature Scorpio women.

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Whenever you put somebody on the spot, nine times out of ten you are not going to get the truth and nine times out of ten, you are going to get more heat than light.

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In many instances, you would get burning smoke but none of the illuminating and cleansing light that you are looking for.

In other words, you do not get to the matter of the issue.
Instead, the person will engage in all sorts of defensiveness and evasive maneuvers and your relationship ends up being strained.
The worst part is you only have yourself to blame because you went about it the wrong way. People do not like being put on the spot.
It does not really matter what horoscope sign they were born under. It does not really matter whether it is a man or a woman.
It is always a bad idea and habit to put people on the spot. You come off as some sort of prosecutor doing a cross examination rather than somebody this guy is in a romantic relationship with.


Most American guys in this day and age have a tough time committing. This should not be a surprise because our mass media keeps blasting us with all these options.
The thinking is that by keeping our options open, we hang on to our freedom and flexibility.
Of course, this is all an illusion. You probably understand this.
You probably get the fact that when people commit, they can move further and higher in lot because they have established the baseline.