Here's The Best Healing Crystal For You, According To Astrology

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Since ancient times, humans have harnessed the power of crystals. From a modern perspective, it might be hard to believe that little gemstones have any power at all, but these solid materials formed beneath the earth’s surface actually gather various energies over millions of years, leaving them with some serious power indeed!

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So how do you choose the best crystal for you? Different crystals have different properties and strengths, so it’s a good idea to do your own research and find the one that’s going to help you with what you want. But taking into account your zodiac sign isn’t a bad idea either since certain crystals resonate more strongly with certain signs. This comes down to a whole bunch of factors, including zodiac personalities, strengths and weaknesses, the element of each crystal, and even colors.

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Crystals can help us to heal in hard times, but also have the power to improve our lives through attracting abundance, instilling confidence, providing strength, clearing away negativity and easing tension, just to name a few. Read on to find out which crystal is perfect for your zodiac sign, and what some of the world’s most popular crystals are capable of.

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16 Blazing Sunstone Was Made For The Fire Signs


Is it any surprise that a bright and blazing stone like sunstone would match the fire signs? Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius could benefit from a stone that helps them stay balanced and stable since their emotions can sometimes lead them off on strange paths.

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Sunstone has historically been linked to good luck and fortune. It is thought to energize all the charkas of the body and encourages a good nature (which can help with those fire sign tempers!) as well cure sadness. Fire signs will experience a boost in energy after coming into contact with Sunstone, and it also heightens their intuition, allowing them to read situations more clearly. Other stones that are particularly beneficial to the fire signs include amber, ruby, sard, and sardonyx.

15 Passionate Aries Needs Something As Powerful As Citrine To Make Their Dreams Come True


Citrine has long been thought to be one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to manifesting dreams into reality. This is a good choice for Aries in particular, first and foremost because the bright color matches the fire element perfectly, but also because it suits anyone who has ambitions, and we know that Aries is charged with huge goals. Though this sign is capable of achieving their desires without help, some extra luck has to be a good thing!

In addition to helping dreams to manifest, this passionate stone is also said to bring about luck and money. True citrine ranges from lemon to olive-yellow in color, but fakes are almost always a more golden color while being passed off as real citrine.

14 Tiger’s Eye Will Protect Leo And Help Them Get Centered


Leo needs no help chasing their dreams and pursuing what they want, but that might sometimes get them into trouble. They tend to be extremely courageous, sometimes wandering into situations that might require a lot of strength or even be a little dangerous, which is where the tiger’s eye comes in.

Tiger’s eye is charged by the sun and is a well-known stone of protection. It is useful for getting rid of fear or anxiety in tough situations, and can even heal psychosomatic illness. Not only will tiger’s eye help to protect Leo, but this stone also helps to ground wearers. It will stabilize mood swings and bring about mental clarity, which the Lion needs from time to time! This stone will help Leo to focus their mind on what’s important rather than getting carried away with the little things.

13 Turquoise Will Guide Sagittarius On Their Many Adventures


Anybody who travels as much as Sagittarius really needs a stone that can offer them guidance and protection on their adventures. Turquoise is the perfect option since it’s known for enhancing your inner voice and natural intuition, which will help to guide you on the right path. It’s easier to make unclouded decisions with the help of turquoise, which can be worn or carried.

Turquoise not only acts as a powerful guide, but this stone is also said to have healing powers that extend to the whole body. In particular, turquoise is beneficial for the immune system and the respiratory system and is useful when trying to detox from alcohol or any other kind of pollution. This stone is also linked to other positive energies including creativity, empathy, positive thinking, and even sensitivity.

12 Impenetrable Onyx Will Give The Earth Signs The Strength They Need


The earth signs—Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn—are grounded, balanced and strong, but could always benefit from even more strength. Their natural strengths and weaknesses mean that they could really use a stone which allows them to gain confidence and release doubts about themselves, which can sometimes plague them. One of the best stones for this is onyx.

Onyx promotes stamina and vigor, which can help the hardworking earth signs not to give up. It also promotes feelings of self-confidence, and these help wearers to feel comfortable in their surroundings. This will come in handy for the earth signs in particular, who don’t like change and can struggle with adjusting to new routines. Other stones suitable for the earth signs include emerald, hematite, malachite and peridot.

11 Hardworking Taurus Needs Pyrite To Bring About Good Fortune

Taurus is such a hard-worker that this sign deserves to have everything they desire. A bit of added luck never goes astray, so pyrite is a fantastic option for the Ram. This stone is said to bring about endless blessings in response to hard work and perseverance and will help to generate wealth.

Pyrite is sometimes called fool’s gold because, well, it looks like gold and people have historically been tricked into buying it. It might not be as valuable as real gold, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have other benefits—pyrite defends against harm and danger when worn, especially when you’re away from home, and stimulates the flow of ideas. It guards against criticism and those who would try to manipulate you and helps you to overcome fatigue after a long day at work. So really, being given pyrite is kind of like striking gold!

10 Fluorite Will Help Virgo To Let Loose And Dance With The Fairies


If there is one sign who should loosen up a little bit, it’s Virgo. We all know what happens to Jack when he gets all work and no play, so Virgo should do anything they can to lighten up and let themselves live a little bit. They might need some help pushing the work aside and having some fun, so they should invest in some fluorite ASAP!

Fluorite is a wonderful crystal that encourages a light energy to flow and helps those around to basically let loose. Those who use this crystal find it easier to relax and are more inclined to take some time off and have some fun. Metaphysically speaking, this crystal absorbs negative energy and stress and is also a confidence booster. Perfect for Virgo, who can be a bit of a worry wart!

9 Energizing Garnet Is Just What The Ambitious Capricorn Needs


Capricorn is another sign who tends to favor work over play, and while that may help them to achieve their goals faster, it can also mean that they’re more likely to burn out, and risk not reaching what they want at all. So if Capricorn is looking for something to help them re-charge their batteries and make sure they stay on the right path, experts recommend Garnet.

Brilliant red garnet helps the body to regenerate and gives a dash of energy. It’s also said to have a lot of physical benefits, including helping with disorders of the spine, heart, and lungs. Putting a piece of red garnet where you work, either in a home office or on your desk at work, can fuel your energy when you feel like giving up.

8 Topaz Helps The Air Signs To Communicate, Learn And Understand


The air signs are great learners and love to have new experiences. Gemini and Libra are natural communicators and would benefit from any stone that encourages them to do more of this, while Aquarius sometimes needs encouragement to get talking. Either way, all three air signs would perfectly suit topaz, which balances out one’s communications.

Topaz assists users and wearers to learn new skills, which is something that’s important to all the air signs. But it offers a lot more than that too—this stone encourages joy and generosity, while at the same time attracting good health and releasing tension. Not only does it help with expressing ideas, but it also promotes honesty and openness. Air signs can also turn to other stones and crystals like zircon, diamond, and agate.

7 When Life Gets Too Crazy For Gemini, Jade Will Calm Things Down


Jade is considered a very lucky stone and is often used to bring about peace in times that are particularly chaotic. This has to be good for Gemini, whose life can get very busy. Though Gemini loves having new experiences and always jumping into new adventures, they can sometimes stress themselves out with all they have going on, so could use jade to calm things down.

This green stone basically works by taking negativity away and replacing it with peace, which helps to balance out your physical body with your emotions. Not only does jade symbolize serenity, but it also signifies wisdom, which is important to an intellectual sign like Gemini. A little protection will also come in handy for Gemini, who can be reckless, and jade has traditionally been worn as a guardian stone against harm.

6 Amethyst Will Help Libra To Battle Confusion And Finally Make A Decision


Libra is good at many things, but unfortunately, making decisions isn’t one of them! This sign is usually incredibly balanced and gives the best advice through fair judgment, but struggles to come to a decision most of the time. So something which helps you to get clear as crystal (pun intended) is a good idea for Libra. With its many benefits, amethyst seems like it was made for this sign!

This purple crystal is a third-eye chakra stone, meaning it stimulates the use of the third eye, helping to build intuition and clear thinking, which aids in the decision-making process. Amethyst is also used to guard against psychic attack and ill wishes from others and helps the wearer to feel less stressed and irritated. Also, amethyst is thought to be a very relaxing cure for insomnia, making it perfect for those who can’t wind down at night.

5 Soothing Blue Lace Agate Encourages Aquarius To Open Up


The biggest complaint lovers, friends and family of Aquarius have is that this sign takes a long time to open up. Naturally distant and even aloof at times, Aquarius prefers to keep to themselves than diverge the details of their lives to their friends and family. While it’s not necessary that they go the opposite way and sign up to make their lives a reality show, it’s still beneficial for them to learn how to open up a little, so their relationships are less strained.

Blue lace agate is an ideal stone for helping you to express what’s on your mind and in your heart. It is a cooling and calming stone above all else and helps conjure feelings of tranquility while at the same time healing any issues to do with the throat which may prohibit communication.

4 Nothing Will Help The Water Signs To Relax Like The Mermaids’ Stone, Aquamarine

There are a few stones that were made for the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—but none so much as Aquamarine. Often called the mermaid’s stone, Aquamarine is a stone of courage and helps to release negative emotions that have been held within for a long time, and make way for a clear and positive future.

Aquamarine especially suits sensitive people (which includes all the water signs), as it helps you to tolerate things that would normally upset you, and assists you to see things clearly and not catastrophize them. It’s also great for self-expression, and is highly desirable during pregnancy, as it helps to shield both mother and fetus from harm. All water stones help the wearer to relax in tough times, and other stones the water signs might consider include moonstone, azurite, sapphire or mother of pearl.

3 Cancer Is More Likely To Emerge From The Shell With The Help Of Red Jasper

Cancer is in need of a little help when trying to come out of their shell. Though this sign experiences a full range of emotions, they don’t often express how they’re feeling on the inside, which can lead to a whole bunch of problems. Red Jasper can help Cancer not only come out of their shell but remember to take care of themselves.

This nurturing stone not only encourages honesty and openness but also promotes courage, which will aid Cancer in getting real about their feelings. Red Jasper also absorbs negative energy, helps to balance yin and yang, and even helps you to become more organized. It’s a good idea to place red jasper next to your beauty products, as this will remind you to look after yourself.

2 Rose Quartz Softens The Strong Feelings That Can Overwhelm Scorpio


Rose quartz is often called the love stone and is a wonderful crystal for Scorpio to have by their side at all times. Basically, Scorpio has a habit of feeling things very deeply and getting carried away by their feelings, but rose quartz softens all that and can even totally eliminate feelings of anger or bitterness. They don’t call them rose-colored lenses for nothing—this crystal really does help you to see the world in a more beautiful way!

On top of soothing harsh emotions, rose quartz encourages self-love and can ease the pain of criticism or judgment. It opens the heart up and promotes love on all levels, and can also have benefits on a number of physical elements of the body. Rose quartz has been used to help heal conditions of the heart, but also of the kidney and instances of vertigo.

1 Pisces Must Stand Up For Themselves More, And Carnelian Will Help Them


Pisces can sometimes struggle with standing up for themselves. While they do follow their gut instincts most of the time and are honest and genuine, they don’t like conflict and may lack the self-confidence needed to stand up for themselves against critics. A stone like a carnelian will help them to develop the confidence to have their own backs.

Stabilising carnelian gives courage to those who wear it, and also helps you to trust yourself in times of doubt. It’s also a protector stone, and guards against rage, resentment, and envy, which can some Pisces’ way from time to time. Carnelian will get rid of Pisces’ own anger and frustration with themselves and will replace it with positivity, passion, and zest for life and motivation for success.